When everything changes …

When everything changes …

Transformation and change: it’s the most natural thing in the world. Change is the elixir of life and makes life interesting and worth living. Through individual perception and recognition we shape reality. As we perceive, we shape our own as well as the collective experience. This is done seamlessly and simultaneously, often beyond our awareness. Simply observing a process, for example within an organization, changes the process. Observation, action, and change are inextricably linked, just as the individual and the group are forever influencing each other. We are all contributing to the state of consciousness as it unfolds and surrounds us.

We provide support for development and change processes in organizations by embracing this truth. We aim to shine a light on the interactions involved, charting a path for growth. We view the organization as a living system that is able to perceive and change itself individually and collectively. We lend our observations to the process, partnering with you to help bring about positive change.

Facing it consciously.

Organization & its future

  • Organizational and strategic development

  • Workshops on diagnosis, clarification of objectives and retrospective appraisal

  • Corporate culture

  • Process-oriented, open-ended approach

Leadership & cooperation

  • Goal-driven, team-oriented cooperation

  • Negotiation and conversation techniques

  • Conflict resolution and dealing with resistance

  • Team development

The individual & consciousness

  • Personal attitude towards myself and others

  • Cultivation of own resources

  • Becoming effective in group and presentation skills

  • Appreciation and gratitude as lived values

More on these aspects

Modus operandi & attitude:
Building connections with clients through conscious trust.

Our focus and approach differ depending on whether we are engaged in training, facilitating, consulting or coaching. But our work is always about establishing trust and providing the space needed to allow all those involved – within and without the organizations we serve – to better understand their current circumstances and what might make things better. This makes sustainable changes possible, taking into account the unique characteristics of the group and its overarching objectives for the organization.

Knowledge is important, but what truly guides us are our inner convictions and beliefs – they shape our identity as well as how we manage both ourselves and others. For us, this includes “Our personal operating principles”, “Our philosophy in working with clients” and “Our holistic training design philosophy”. 

More on attitude